Cast provides consultancy services to business to business companies seeking to enhance performance, strategy and achieve sustainable growth.

At Cast, we love what we do. We get to work creatively along side great people and great companies, and importantly, we challenge our strategic and business thinking every day.

We thrive from being involved with businesses seeking to grow or improve. The common element is the need for a fresh approach, a process, tools and access to people who have done this successfully across diverse markets.

Advisory: Since our foundation in 2004, Cast has worked with over 60 companies delivering Business Strategy and Business Performance services. This is where Cast is best known, having supported many long term clients along their unique strategic journeys.

Tenders: Cast supports companies in enhancing win rates, in the competitive tender market. We support bid teams to preposition and secure contracts. Cast provides embedded involvement as bid lead, peer challenge and content development. Over the last 2 years Cast has supported 20 major tender teams with a 75% win rate. Early involvement significantly enhances the win rates.

M&A: Cast expanded into M&A services in 2013, in response to emerging client needs. Our clients are either seeking succession planning; exit strategies; new market expansion; or broader service solutions whilst some clients just want to be ready to sell, if the opportunity arises. Pitcher Partners can provide transaction support as appropriate.



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