Comdain Infrastructure (Comdain) has been a client of ours since 2004. Our very first project was to help establish a business development arm including a tender production team. The business was about 1/10th the current size – in terms of revenue and people. Back in those days Tom Coen (now the chairman) often joined us at client meetings. Nowadays there is a whole team of people realising an exciting expansion nationally across the utilities sector.

Since Comdain became one of the two service providers at Multinet Gas in 2013, toCast has supported the team to implement a range of strategic roadmaps. Our primary focus over the past few years has been health and safety, as Comdain raised their bar with new technologies, lead indicators and communication strategies. From July 1 Comdain will take over the entire Multinet contract, having been selected as the contract of choice for the next 5 year period. The excitement and energy during these final days prior to commencing the new contract can be felt by anybody who steps into the office at Clayton. We often reflect on thought leaders in our sector. For me both Tom Coen and John Carney, although quite different in their approach and style, represent true visionaries and thought leadership. We look forward to working with the team as they move into this new contract phase. Congratulations guys !!

“Claire is enthusiastic and 100% committed. She is creative, flexible and a clear thinker. She will challenge you and your business, and assist you with areas you want to develop. She has done a lot for our business over the past ten years, particularly when it comes to driving improvement and getting our name out there in the marketplace. The team at toCast provides real value, challenges us and welcomes being challenged too.” Tom Coen, Chairman- Comdain Group

toCast is very flexible in their approach, 100% aligned to what we require. With little or no scope they  listen, brainstorm and work with us to develop a scope then go about working with us to achieve the end result.” John Carney, Comdain Service Delivery Manager – MG Contract

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