Business strategy


Strategy performance is uniquely defined for each business. Market trends and the rapidly changing client context requires a robust and agile strategic business planning response.


Cast has a proven framework and process which has been applied to over 60 different market sectors. During the boom period companies were able to grow and expand without too much strategic planning. We use a combination of tools, analysis and strategic challenge . Our goal is to embed this within and across the organisation, resulting in a highly engaged and committed organisation.

The process adopted has been developed by Cast, founded on the Arnoldo Hax approach used by IMD Swiss Business School. Adopted by major B2B corporations internationally, notably Unilever and ICI, it provides a systematic creative strategic framework. It uses the principles of Michael Porter (Harvard), Boston Consulting Group matrix ; and providing critical links between the Strategic and Operational planning.

Cast proprietary tools and methodologies such as the Onion framework; Strategic Market analysis ; Strategic Road Map; Strategic Action Plans with metrics and tools for tracking actions and outcomes.

  • Assess current business strategy performance
  • Undertake strategic rethink
  • Propose new strategic initiatives
  • Pilot and measure metrics
  • Monitor pilot and metrics
  • Refine lead & lag indicators
  • Report evidence-based strategic improvements
  • Refine business strategy

Business Performance

Looking to deliver enhanced business performance and growth?

Cast works with Boards, leadership and operational teams to identify, measure and deliver enhanced business performance improvements. Using big data analysis denoted as converg, we identify measurable performance indicators and enhancement initiatives. These are trialled together with the business operational teams, providing early engagement and involvement in achieving step change improvements.

Our approach is structured around lead and lag metrics, using visible tools and info-graphics. Whether you are seeking innovative initiatives or incremental improvements in your business performance and growth strategy, Cast can provide a proven approach with evidenced outcomes.


Why our clients choose us?

  • Proven strategic and analytical methodology
  • Our state of the art big data analysis, converg
  • Industry leading approach to creative business performance and strategic improvements
  • Proven validation of our expertise and track record in identifying lead and lag metrics to validate improvements

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