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Our approach

Developing a winning strategy that demonstrates insight and a compelling solution is hard. Many companies turn out a lot of tender submissions, and gradually they all seem to blur into a common theme.

Fresh strategies can only be developed through total immersion in our clients world. The Client insight and the testing, prepositioning phases provide the foundation blocks.

Our services

Cast is renowned for our strategic workshop facilitation. We bring industry, client and broader market insight key to engaging with a cross functional bid team. Each workshop is customised adopting proven methodologies to enable a paradigm shift in thinking. If the workshop attendees walk in and out of the workshop with the same mind set and solution, just going through the machinations, we have failed.

Strategic workshops produce key win themes; bid writing plans with clear accountability, deadlines and workflow agreed; gaps are addressed and actions implemented. The proposed solution, delivery approach and points of difference are landed. We drive alignment of thinking and a culture that encourages that the solution continues to be challenged, and evolve during the following weeks.

Cast also provides strategic gateway reviews and/or peer challenge. Our proprietary tool can be adopted to collate and analyse peer challenge comments and improvement suggestions. These can be quantified (scored) and provided back to content champions for enhancement.

Cast provides the full spectrum of proposal support including bid manager; delivery methodology or project/contract appreciation; and writing broader content areas. We ensure that the key win themes are scattered through the content, and evidenced. Visual diagrams and messages are developed with embedded subliminal messages. The final document is professionally edited to ensure that consistent messages and document flow across the various sections and writing contributors.

Strategic support

  • Strategic workshop facilitation
  • Key win theme development
  • Peer challenge
  • Gateway reviews
  • Interview preparation and coaching

Proposal support

  • Bid management
  • Executive summary
  • Content writing: technical, commercial and business responses
  • Organisation charts demonstrating workflow and roles/reporting
  • Visual diagrams and messages
  • Professional editing of final document

Tender graphicLooking to increase your proposal win rates?

Cast works with bid teams to develop compelling win strategies. Using proven methodologies, we can provide strategic, business development and proposal development support. Our peoples are credentialed and able to customise the support provided to complement the bid team competencies.

Our approach is creative, structured and outcome oriented. The end result is clarity of key strategic themes, and superior client prepositioning. Whether you are seeking refreshing win strategies, a proposal that stands out in the crowd, or require additional experienced writing resources , Cast can provide suitable support to meet your requirements.

Why our clients choose us?

Proven track record enabling enhancing win rates: 20 significant bid teams / past 2 years, 70% win rate.

A pool of experienced personnel bringing the entire competency spectrum, including bid management; strategy development through to content development and production, typically with 15 years +.

Local resources in Melbourne and Sydney, with mobile or virtual options to meet client requirements.

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